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Chongqing Juhe Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and technical services of oil, water, gas and other fluid purification equipment and hydraulic machinery equipment. For the power, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and other industries in the operation of waste oil, waste water, waste gas purification, recycling, to achieve "energy saving emission reduction", thereby reducing the operating costs of various industries, reduce environmental pollution, for tomorrow's blue sky and white clouds to contribute. Juhe Company's management concept of "gathering the world's wisdom, creating a famous industry" has gathered a large number of oil, water, gas and other fluid purification equipment and hydraulic machinery research and development experience, production management experience, engineering implementation and service experience of the talent team. The company always adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the first productive force, closely follows the development direction of the same industry in the world, strengthens cooperation with universities and research institutes, combines the application experience of the company and industry products, speeds up the development of new products and the application of new technology, and always leads the industry development.


"Juhe" company constantly build and strengthen the core competitiveness of the company, constantly enhance customer satisfaction, and strive to become a "trustworthy, most valuable, innovative fluid purification and intelligent machinery products brand enterprise".

Be fair and impartial, speak with ability and performance, and do not do things right.

Product service: customer centered, quality based and service oriented.

Management philosophy: system and human relationship, competition and harmony, contract and dedication.

Enterprise purpose: brand management, abide by reputation, strong company, employee development, social identity.


Enterprise spirit: transcending oneself, pursuing excellence, scientific rationality and sincere cooperation.


Business philosophy: seeking truth from facts and not cheating; compliance operation is by no means illegal.