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Standard for degreasing and dewatering of oil filter

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Standardfordegreasinganddewateringofoilfilter   Theoilfilteroilfilterhascertainstandardsinadditiontowaterandimpurities.Atthesametime,thissetofstandardsisalsoanimportantcriterionformeasuringthequalityo
  Standard for degreasing and dewatering of oil filter
  The oil filter oil filter has certain standards in addition to water and impurities. At the same time, this set of standards is also an important criterion for measuring the quality of a oil filter.
  First, the precision of the oil filter remover, because as long as it is the filter oil, there must be an option to remove impurities, and the degree of impurity removal is an important indicator to measure a filter.
  Second, the accuracy of the water removal of the oil filter unit, as long as the water is mixed in various oils, if it is a lubricating oil, it will become emulsified and lose its lubricating properties. If it is insulating oil, if the moisture content is too much, the oil will lose its insulation performance and cause serious accidents.
  Third, the efficiency of the oil filter to remove water and remove impurities. This is also an important indicator for measuring a filter oil filter. Perhaps this machine can achieve a high standard of water removal and impurity removal, but it takes a very long time, which means that the oil filter machine is inefficient and not meet the standard.
  Fourth, the safe operation time of the oil filter machine and the length of the maintenance time. If one machine is used too much, it will definitely need to be repaired, but the maintenance period of a good machine is definitely relatively longer, and some filters are used. Oil machine, if it may run for a few days, there is such a problem, then the oil filter is definitely not qualified.