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Precautions for the use of industrial filter paper

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Precautionsfortheuseofindustrialfilterpaper   Theoilfilterpaperhasgoodfiltrationabsorptionperformanceandconsiderablecompressionstrength.Oilfilterpaperissuitableforfilteringindustrialorganicsuspensionl
  Precautions for the use of industrial filter paper
  The oil filter paper has good filtration absorption performance and considerable compression strength. Oil filter paper is suitable for filtering industrial organic suspension liquids such as petroleum, chemical products and industrial oils to separate solid and semi-solid impurities. Here are some tips for using industrial filter paper.
  1. The oil filter paper produced is a shaft with a width of 1.2 meters. You can cut as much as you need, as long as the width is less than 1.2 meters. If you need to punch holes, you need to send us the punched drawings. We punch the holes according to the punch chart. Regarding the packaging, it must be seen that 300 pieces with a 300mm size below 300*300mm are 500 pieces, and one piece with a size of 300mm or more is 500 pieces per 100 sheets. Product name: 270g filter paper 270g 300*300.
  2. punching need to provide punching map, we punch according to the drawings, because each customer's punching position is not the same, so the punching filter paper is not in stock, it needs to be done.