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Centrifugal oil filter operation process

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 1. Add the machine's hot oil to 1-1.5% hot brine and stir it. The purpose is to dephosphorize. Because phosphorus causes osteoporosis and other diseases in the human body, the first item of the national oil standard is the phosphorus index. The content is limited, H2O. NaCl (salt) and phosphorus P produce a combined reaction to form heavy salts Na2P5O (sodium phosphate) and H2 ↑ (hydrogen) 2 plus brine to make the fine particles absorb water and become heavy;
 2. Close the power supply of the centrifugal oil filter, and then add the salted hair oil. The oil flows from the oil pipe of the oil tank through the hollow shaft at the upper end of the centrifuge to the nylon small disc at the bottom of the drum. The disc quickly splits the oil evenly onto the inner wall of the drum. At this time, the powerful centrifugal force generated by the rotating drum at high speed separates the solid and liquid of different masses. The power is turned off after 2-3 minutes after the oil is added, and the drum is turned. After the gradual stop, the net oil will automatically flow out to achieve the purpose of fine filtration. It takes only 5-6 minutes before and after, and the filtration capacity per hour is 250-350 kg of oil.
 3. Dregs
 1 The slag in the drum is 800-1200 jins to clear the slag. First, open the top cover of the outer bucket, and then open the upper lid of the inner bucket. The slag around the inner wall of the drum should be cleaned every time the slag is cleaned. Otherwise, the drum will be cleaned. The slag is not well-formed and is biased to cause machine vibration when it is filtered again.
 2 The outer drum slag is cleared once every 7-10 days. After the outer lid and the inner lid of the inner bucket are opened separately, the small screws on the small disc in the middle of the bottom of the inner bucket are removed, and then the two are vertical by hand. Lifting the inner barrel upwards can clear the bottom of the outer barrel. After cleaning, reinstall the inner barrel, put the small disc at the bottom of the inner barrel and the O-shaped rubber ring (to prevent oil leakage and sealing) and then tighten the small screws. Tight, prevent twisting), the inner lid of the inner bucket and the upper lid of the outer tub can be used again, strictly prevent each machine from being turned on when it is not installed, which will cause damage to the equipment, and the manufacturer will not guarantee it.
 4. The use of centrifugal oil filter must be prefabricated in the concrete of the foot. The anchor bolts should be pre-buried according to the distance of the three anchor bolt holes. The precast concrete surface should be horizontal, and the rubber should be added between the prefabricated surface and the equipment foot. Shock absorbers. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the precautions when operating the centrifugal oil filter.